Monday, 17 November 2014

Changing life with Social Media

The impacts from the presence of social media in our daily lives have been positive as well as negative.

Are you active on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc?

Probably the most important part of our social life. We are on these platform because of our friends or family members are on them and we want to be connected with them every time we want.

Researcher like to digg into human behaviour and their involvement with technology and in social media platform and here researcher says that it is little different what we thought about our social media presence. And some of the results are really eyebrow raisers.  

In essence, social media defines an array of Internet sites that enable people from all over the world to interact. This can be through discussion, photos, video and audio.

Social media definitely has an impactful presence in the lives of billions of people around the world. People are changing habits, expectations and lifestyles. Popular social media sites like facebook, twitter, and linkedIn has caused tremendous effect in social scenario for past few years. As It is a tool that we associate with at a personal level, so personal that the things you do on social networks could get you mixed up with individuals with criminal intent.

Social media has changed the lives of billions of people around the world. Its impact is a topic that is being researched extensively.
The technology has changed people’s habits, expectations, and lifestyles. Many popular social media sites — such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — have caused tremendous social, political, and personal changes over the past few years.

Privacy concerns
Social networking has been a source of concern among privacy advocates around the world. It’s certainly true that social media sites collect and disseminate a fair amount of personal data about us.
The nature of social media requires that companies share information with others. Many parents are concerned about the security and safety of young children and teens who are active on social media sites.
We hear regular stories about exploitation of vulnerable individuals on social media sites. Platforms are taking precautions and increasing controls these days in response to consumer worries about privacy issues.
Emotional impact
The total amount of time spent on social media sites has increased among students and young adults. Research shows that spending increased time on social media sites does not lead to happiness.
Instead, tends to create sadness, boredom, and loneliness. Personal relationships are perceived differently when we depend on social media sites to share our emotions.
Addiction to social media sites leads to lack of focus among students and professional workers. A portion of the time spent on social media sites could be diverted to building real-world connections. But it’s difficult to measure the emotional impact on people who spend significant time on social media sites.
Impact on future generations
Today, young children and teens are increasingly revealing details of their personal lives on social networks. The sad reality is that the information shared on these sites will be stored forever.
Every small detail you share about yourself will be recorded and potentially accessible to future employers. Your prospective bosses could judge you based on your social media posts even before you land a face-to-face interview.
Reports have indicated that many employers are already rejecting job applicants due to social media behavior. Many parents are unaware of this issue.
Social media marketing
Today, marketing via social media influences the purchasing decisions of millions. Businesses create content that targets specific demographics. Social media networks measure and provide statistics on consumer engagement.
Any business can target its customers using criteria such as gender, location, age, and other factors. This targeted advertising model gives businesses especially powerful operating tools.
For example, LinkedIn allows businesses to target working professionals. The global presence of social media companies allows domestic and international businesses to leverage the power of sophisticated advertising models.
We are witnessing a huge change in the way we live, work, and interact with others. Social media platforms have become an integral part of the daily lives of millions of people around the globe. This trend will undoubtedly continue to create changes in our personal and social lives.