Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Sneaking competitors in social media platforms

On present situation on social media platform, it's utterly important to sneak out what our competitor is doing before we begin promoting our self. To sneak; means to joining a social network, scrutinizing, reading and watching competitors are doing without contributing anything yourself. It is an authentic & best plan before introducing our site. Before commencing to contribute and act it is important to observe our competitors by which we can discover the post, messages that are engaging to the customers or users. 
Initially, we have to notice our competitors on the assorted social media sites. If we want to follow or to sneak what they’re doing while not directly connecting with them or not to grasp them our observation. The important stuffs to look for without intimating them, like types of updates they post , are they posting videos/photos and links to different sites, most popular post or post getting more “likes” or “comments” and the most importantly the interval period of interaction with customers or the users on the social media site.
Engaging Social Media Networks Observing others is however we tend to learn what acceptable behavior is in any social scenario. At first day of school we observe our school, teachers and class mates same like, after joining the organization, on the meeting mostly we observe and listen (read sneak). We don’t assume to get on stage and lead the meeting on the very first day. On starting we watch, see activities, the meeting agenda, look other members to understand the best time to settle down and start the meeting.
As we sign up on a social account and immediately we start posting updates about what we ate for breakfast? These type posts are usually considered as uninteresting and fail to start interaction with other users. After following our efficient competitors we will know that how to post interesting updates and post to engage users or customers. Try the most useful ways to engage your customers and interest our audience/users most.